Ganesh has been very busy for the past year (Sept. 2018) researching to come up with affordable biodegradable straws. His innovative way involves the use of palm leaves. He says, “During our solar energy work in Andhra Pradesh, India, I observed people using plates made from palm leaves. The thought of using these leaves to make biodegradable straws stuck in my head during my travel back to California. I could not wait to go home and start researching this option.” He has successfully made palm leaves straws which ended up winning first place in  2019 science and engineering fair at his school (COIL Charter School, Fremont Unified School Dist.).

Please watch this inspiring presentation about his vision. 

The making of biodegradable straws: 

Ganesh is an environmental enthusiast who joined Project Jatropha when he was 11 years old. He has taken a leadership role in expanding our Solar Energy Program to the state of Andra Pradesh. He plans on introducing the making of biodegradable straws to rural India to help empower the youth.