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Congratulations from the Project Jatropha team to our Youth Ambassador Ganesh Kumar. He joined Project Jatropha team in 2013 as a Youth Ambassador to launch the Solar Energy Program in the state of Andhra Pradesh. During his work near the project site, he witnessed plastic pollution and decided to take action. He came up with a plan of action to fight plastic pollution and introduced a new program called “Goodbye Plastic Straws.” His innovative solution of biodegradable straws from palm leaves to replace the usage of plastic straws won the Notable Mention from Action for Nature International Young Eco-Hero Awards 2021. Ganesh Kumar is working on improving his product and collaborating with a manufacturing company in India. The COVID-19 pandemic has delayed his visit to India but he plans on going this summer to teach the making of the straws to women self help groups in rural India. Good luck to you Ganesh!

Project Jatropha Team