“Let’s nurture nature so that we can have a better future.” – Anonymous

Happy World Environmental Day from Team Project Jatropha! June 5, 2023, marks the 50th Anniversary of World Environmental Day. The first World Environmental Day was initiated by the United Nations and celebrated on June 5, 1973, to convey the significance of the environment to the global population. Last year, World Environmental Day was hosted by Sweden, whose campaign slogan was “Only One Earth”, meaning that Earth is the only planet that we have to live on, so we have to take action to save our planet. This year’s World Environment Day focuses on reducing plastic pollution. Plastic pollution is a huge global crisis because single-use plastic products damage both land and ocean habitats. These products are detrimental to the land habitat as they release dangerous chemicals during production. The plastic that ends up in the ocean gravely injures marine animals by entering the food pipes and starving them to death. It reduces the ecosystems’ ability to adapt to climate change, thereby impacting millions of people’s lives, food production capabilities, and social well-being. There are various ways to reduce plastic pollution by adopting simple alternatives to plastic. Many green organizations such as Klean Kanteen, Miir, Mizu, Eco Vessel, LARQ, and Stojo are already taking initiatives by promoting the use of reusable shopping bags, bottles, and cups, which reduce the usage of disposable plastic products. Fighting against plastic pollution is close to my heart because of my work at Project Jatropha. In order to reduce the usage of single-use plastic straws, I devised a plan to replace them by developing an eco-friendly straw made of palm leaves. Although the straw I made is a prototype, it has the potential to replace single-use plastic straws with more research. We can all collaborate and try to reduce plastic pollution by recycling, joining “The End Plastic Pollution” campaign, registering for cleanups at beaches or parks, participating in walks, and 10ks. Keep in mind that plastic can harm oceans and land habitats before you buy products made from plastic. Once again, Happy World Environmental Day!


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