Happy World Environment Day from Team Project Jatropha!
The World Environment Day, which is celebrated on June 5, talks about spreading awareness about the importance of nature in more than 150 countries. The pandemic during the last one and a half years has helped to improve the environment in many cities and towns. There are trees growing, clean cities, rivers, and coasts. It should not take a pandemic to slow the climate change. Humans have exploited and destroyed the planet’s ecosystems for over a hundred years. If the exploitation continues, then the environment will go into a tailspin and will become irrecoverable for future generations. If the global temperatures continue to increase by 1.5 degrees celsius, then 90% of the coral reefs would be lost by 2050. People can help the environment in many ways such as stopping food wastage, reusing and recycling, planting trees, cleaning up parks and beaches, reducing plastic pollution, and taking a pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Every small contribution from each one of us can make a huge impact on the environment. Greenhouse gas emissions have grown for three years in a row. A clean earth is essential for well-being of all the living, so let’s remember and try to keep the earth safe and clean.

Climate knows no boundaries, so it’s time for the people of the world to come together to protect our planet.