This is Ganesh Kumar again, signing in from Fremont, California. It has been twelve days since I returned from India after completing my humanitarian mission work, family obligations, and fun. I have to admit, the last ten days have been terrible due to COVID-19. I wore an N95 mask diligently throughout my trip and sanitized my hands very often. Maintaining social distance was not easy, but I tried. I ate healthy food and drank clean water. I thought I took every precaution there is on this earth to run away from COVID. Everyone I met in India assured me that COVID-19 is history. Well, not in my case! Soon after my India trip, I was unwell and tested positive for COVID-19. My parents and maternal aunt were also positive, proving that Covid is very much there everywhere. It continues to be a big public health crisis. As my cough got worse, I went to see my doctor. For the first time in my life, I looked at my doctor’s office through a different lens. All these days, I took the excellent healthcare I received here for granted. In India, there is no shortage for dedicated medical staff but the facilities and resources are so minimal. I saw the dire need for public health endeavors in almost every organization that I visited. I still feel physically weak and as I lie on my bed recovering. Questions like who, how, and when will this gap in health equity be filled come to my mind. But one thing is certain. I will definitely do my part to help people by getting involved in public health work through my nonprofit.