Us, humans, are the most intelligent species in the known universe. We are heading towards our own extinction. This is bad coming from a dinosaur. The latest video about Climate Change from the United Nations is the most interesting one I’ve seen recently. I agree with the dinosaur that Climate Change is going to make us extinct if we continue subsidizing fossil fuels. Countries worldwide are spending hundreds of billions of dollars subsidizing fossil fuels, which emit harmful greenhouses gases, which is rapidly heating up our planet. We have a clear choice on what we should do. Do we want to become extinct, or do we want to save ourselves and other species? The answer is easy, but the actions to save ourselves is going to be tough. Governments around the world should stop subsidizing fossil fuels and concoct alternatives for their energy needs such as constructing more solar and wind energy farms, alleviating poverty, and boosting public health to make nations’ populations healthy and vibrant, and invest in new technologies that scrub the greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Some countries produce more local greenhouse gases than others, but the effects of climate change are global. Cooperation of the nations among the world to help reduce dependence on fossil fuels to reduce greenhouse gases is sensible and the dinosaur is right in telling us that we have a huge opportunity in front of us to help reverse climate change by spending billions of dollars in public funds to providing technological assistance and necessary funds helping to develop alternatives to fossil fuels, reverse the effects of climate change, and enhance public health in the poor countries to build a population that is more resilient. Let’s be wiser, protect our species from extinction, and start making changes. Together, we can make a better tomorrow and save ourselves from extinction just like the dinosaur. To hear the dino talk, please go online and watch the interesting video.

Happy New Year from Team Project Jatropha! As the year 2023 approaches, we should all take part in protecting our environment and use renewable energy sources just as the dinosaur said in the video.