Happy International Lynx Day from Project Jatropha! International Lynx Day, first introduced in 2017, is a collaborative initiative of the transboundary 3Lynx Project, which aims at monitoring the lynx population, strategically conserving the lynx population, and collaborating with stakeholders (hunters, foresters, and landowners), who are responsible for the lynx population. Unfortunately, the lynx population is declining because they are being hunted for excitement and for their skin. The “International Union for Conservation of Nature” (IUCN) lists the lynx as “near threatened”, approximating the population to be less than 50,000 breeding individuals due to the loss of habitat and prey. “The Nature Conservancy” (TNC), a global environmental organization is diligently working to protect the lynx from becoming extinct. For example, in Montana, the TNC has safeguarded approximately 40,000 square miles designated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife as one of the crucial habitats for the lynx to thrive. Lynx play an important role in the ecosystem by regulating the populations of small mammals like snowshoe hares or voles, which are regarded as agriculture pests. Anyone can save a lynx by joining the Adopt-a-Lynx, which accepts donations to help save them. In my opinion, lynx are special creatures which help balance the ecosystem and add to the diversity. I am determined to join the efforts to save them through the Adopt-a-Lynx project. I am very grateful to the transboundary 3Lynx Project for their conservation initiative. Happy International Lynx Day once again!

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