“Let us take inspiration from the strong and fearless tigers and let us make a promise to save them on International Tiger Day.” – Anonymous

Happy World Tiger Day from Team Project Jatropha! July 29, 2023, marks the 13th Anniversary of World Tiger Day. The first World Tiger Day was celebrated on July 29, 2010, in St. Petersburg, Russia to raise awareness about the significance of preserving tigers. Last year, the goal of World Tiger Day was to double the number of wild tigers as they have been declared an endangered species in many parts of the world. The wild tiger population is shrinking because of poaching and the shrinking of their habitats. This year’s theme of World Tiger Day is to raise awareness about preserving the tigers. Wild tigers are crucial to the environment because they help maintain the planet’s ecosystems. They balance the predator-prey relationship in the food web by keeping the prey population in check. Without the predators, prey populations would increase, leading to overconsumption of vegetation, destroying their habitats, and causing the prey population to spread into human settlements. Governments should help to enforce strict punishment for the poachers to prevent them from trading in the tiger’s body parts. Let’s collaborate together and save these majestic cats by taking the pledge to join Team Tiger, whose goal is to build models to preserve the wild tigers in their natural habitats and provide an experience for the tourists to watch them. You can do so by visiting the website at worldanimalprotection.us/pledge-join-team-tiger. Once again, Happy World Tiger Day!


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