Happy Belated World Manta Day from Project Jatropha! World Manta Day is observed every September 17th. The first World Manta Day was celebrated on September 17, 2020, to symbolize Hawaiian culture and to raise awareness of the significant threats that these manta and devil rays are facing and how important it is for all of us to take action and save these sea creatures. Manta rays are crucial to the marine ecosystem because they consume zooplankton and prevent them from becoming overpopulated, hence balancing the ecosystem.

Manta rays are enlisted as threatened due to human activities. They get caught unintentionally, entangling in fishing nets or hooks, resulting in their death. Overfishing is yet another reason why manta rays’ populations are declining sharply. Plastic pollution is one of the major hazards to manta rays because they tend to swallow microplastics on a daily basis, contaminating their digestive system. Finally, unregulated tourism activities can negatively impact manta rays as they need undisturbed habitats to feed and reproduce.

We can take action to help save the manta rays by reducing plastic pollution, participating in beach cleanups, supporting ocean conservation organizations such as Manta Trust, Sea Legacy, Hawaii Ocean Watch by making financial donations. Let us spread the message to help protect manta rays and make the oceans a safer place for them to thrive. Once again, Happy Belated World Manta Day!

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